T.H. Burroughs

Our award-winning Sausages

All of our sausages are handmade on the premises, are gluten free and are highly sought after by our customers. We have introduced our Traditional T.H.Burroughs sausage from an old family recipe, and we do love to experiment and try new ideas and flavours that we think will have that succulent T.H.Burroughs style. 

Our regular weekly flavours include:

Traditional Pork
Pork Chipolatas
Pork and Smoked Bacon
Welsh Dragon
Lamb, Mint and Honey

We do occasionally make other flavours including:

Stratton Stroller
Pork, Apple and Leek
Pork, Ginger and Spring Onion

If you have a specific flavour you would like do let us know and we can make them to order. We also have sausage meat available weekly.