T.H. Burroughs

Packington free-range Chickens

Family run business Packington Free Range have a simple philosophy; what’s good for the animals and the land will naturally be good for us and better for our customers. Their respect is not only reserved for their livestock, with their land being involved in environmental schemes in partnership with Natural England. All of their fields have grass margins around them to protect hedgerows and encourage a safe environment for ecosystems to flourish. Many of their field corners are planted with wild bird seed mixes or pollen and nectar mixes to supply insects and famrland birds with vital food sources.

Giving Packington Free Range chickens large green and lush pastures to roam and time to mature is best for the animals and results in first class meat.

We also create our own selection of flavoured chicken options that we make in shop each week, including chicken kievs (a customer favourite), chicken parcels, jerk chicken, garlic butter, aromatic thai, cajun, stir frys and bombay curry. 

Peach Croft Farm – Turkeys and Geese

We are proud to be the suppliers of award-winning Turkeys and Geese from Peach Croft Farm. We’ve used them for many years now and they never fail to deliver some of the best.

Like us, being a family generated business, Bill Homewoods of Peach Croft Farm in Oxfordshire prides himself on traditionally reared Turkeys and Geese. Grown naturally and slowly to full maturity, they enjoy a completely natural diet which includes home grown cereals grown at Peach Croft Farm. Peach Croft Farm are members of the Traditional Farm Fresh Turkey Association and The British Goose Producers Association, ensuring the poultry are raised to the highest standard and best welfare conditions possible.