T.H. Burroughs

Our other meat products

Not only do we offer your standard meat products, we also have availability on a range of other meat perfect for your dining experience.

You’ll find our wonderful range of handmade gluten-free burgers available on the counter each week, as well as our handmade selection of meals including chicken kievs, chicken parcels, flavoured chicken options including jerk, cajun, garlic butter and aromatic thai, chicken and pork stir frys and bombay chicken curry.

We also have our homemade faggots and Italian meatballs available each week either on the counter or in our freezer – some of our most popular offerings – as well as award-winning black and white pudding from The Farmers Son.

Other meat we occasionally order depending on availability includes haggis, duck, oxtail, ox cheeks, goat, veal and venison.

We also like to make sure we use every bit of the meat we get in, including the bones. Waste not want not! Pop into the shop and we’re happy to give the bones over free of charge – great for making stocks, or great for the dogs!

We also make our own pet mince using broccoli, carrots, parsnips, swede, beef and lamb trim, offal, heart, liver and mixed herbs. You can order pet mince from us by Wednesday each week to pick up on the Friday. We only make it to order, as there’s only so much meat we get in, so do make sure you phone or email in advance so you don’t miss out.