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Our Award winning Beef products!

January 2015 saw us awarded with a Gold mark of excellence for our Macduff Sirloin Steak by Eblex in the Independent Retailer Category!
On 24th March 2014, T.H. Burroughs attended the National Federation of Meat and Food Traders (NFMFT) Product Competition and came away with a host of awards. Our beef products included:


Traditional Angus Beef Burger


Gluten-Free Steak Burger

Beef, Onions and Mixed Herbs Burger


Beef and wholegrain Mustard Sausage

See more of our winning products on 'Our Meat' pages.

Where our Beef comes from

NEW SUPPLIER: Murray Grey Cattle

We're delighted to announce the arrival of our newest local beef supplier, Murray Grey Cattle, located at Ham near Hungerford. 

Murray Grey Beef Cattle Society

MacDuff Beef

Angus Beef Cattle

MacDuff Beef comes from a family of 13 Scottish farms who have joined together to set themselves a uniquely high standard of beef production.

MacDuff cattle are reared naturally and fed only on grass and grass-based products (which are rich in health-giving omega 3). This natural diet ensures the full, rich flavour of beef as it used to taste before the introduction of intensive farming techniques. MacDuff gains further richness and succulence from being matured the traditional way, on the bone.

Here's Graham Burroughs with the owners of Macduff Beef, Andrew and Rory, during their visit in April 2015 at The Woodspeen with John Campbell.



02/03/2018 Happy Easter everyone from the T.H.Burorughs team

26/03/18 Great news! Our Alcohol Licence has been approved. We're selling some of our favourite Laithwaites wines (tried and tested), Ramsbury Brewery beers, vodka and gin, as well as Old Town Brewery beer #shoplocal 

01/09/2017 Loyalty card now available! Spend £20 for 1 stamp, collect 10 stamps and receive £5 off your purchase! You can even save them up until your Christmas shop. 

24/08/2017 Fresh fish now available in the shop! Deliveries every Thursday - orders can be placed for specific requests.

23/06/2017 Did you know you can also order your meat and pick up at a later date via our enquiries page or call us on 01793 823566 to place your order. Deliveries also available on Fridays.